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det_supergirl wrote in csi10words
Gotta figure out how to get time off next month.

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I know but don't worry if you can't get the time off. I'll just go myself.

No, you won't, buster. I'm going whether it's paid time or not.

[chuckles softly] Is that so Darlin'?

Well I don't want you getting in trouble just to meet my folks.

I'm sure I can get the time off. It just won't be vacation time, because I don't start getting that 'til I've been here six months.

Then I can postpone it Darlin'

It's fine, sweetheart, we don't need to postpone. A week off isn't going to kill me.

Alright I just don't want to be any trouble. I mean you are already taking care of me after the bank incident.

You sure? [chuckles] I swear we spend every night together now.

Not every night, but pretty close.

Definitely don't mind however.

Nope, I don't mind at all.

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