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csi10words's Journal

CSI Ten Word Stories
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All Members , Moderated
CSI roleplaying community with posts limited to ten words.
CSI Ten Word Stories

Inspired by sixwordstories, CSI Ten Word Stories is a roleplaying community where your opening or "hook" post is ten words. No more, but some less is allowed.

This community is open to characters from all versions of CSI. Even dead characters. We're also open to original characters, but please do not force relationships on other characters. You can have a OC offspring of Catherine Willows and Horatio Caine if you'd like, but do not expect them to have to recognise the character.

1. Make a post in ten words. Minimal use of strikeouts is allowed. We're fairly lenient on this, but abuse it and you'll be asked to edit.

2. Many characters have different "verses". You can denote these in the "location" area.

3. Please no adult content in the comm itself. This includes graphic depictions of sex, murder, rape, drug use, etc. Those go in your character journals.

4. If linking to a NSFW image (not safe for work; includes nudity and/or violence, etc.), be sure to warn for that.

5. There will be more than one version of your character. Play nice, or the mods won't.

6. Swearing is allowed, but please don't put it in huge, eye-catching fonts or graphics.

7. The only use of titles should be to denote OOC posts. Denotations of "meta" can go in "location" or "mood" or whichever.

8. Please keep OOC conflicts out of the IC interactions. If you have disagreements, work it out between yourselves in private. There are other communities for issues and complaints; this is not one of them.

9. Also, please keep OOC knowledge out of IC interactions unless you have the other player's permission.

10. The only exceptions to the word limit are mod posts; these will also be titled and tagged for easier reference later.

11. One story per post, please. If you have more to say, feel free to make another post. But please try not to spam the community just to get around the word limit.

12. Relationships and histories of characters are allowed to be carried over from sixwordstories and other communities as long as this information is available in the character profile(s).

13. If you bring existing relationships and/or characters over, please forgo any supernatural elements. I know they're fun, but this is straight CSI.